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Learn How to Pickle Cucumbers

Easy pickling cucumbers recipe

Everything you need to know on how to pickle cucumbers and pack them in jar or tin can.

A quick recipe to prepare cucumbers in brine or in vinegar usually referred as pickled cucumbers and most commonly served as a side dish.


1 Kilogram of small or chopped cucumbers
4 Cups of water
4 TBS of salt
1 TBS sugar
1 Cup of white distilled vinegar
3 Cloves of peeled garlic
8 Sprigs of fresh or dried dill - optional


1. Wash, sterilize, and air dry jars and lids.

2. Wash and completely air dry the cucumbers.

3. Add water with the salt to a pot and bring to a boil. Then, set the pot aside and allow it to cool down to room temperature. Then, add the vinegar and sugar, stir until sugar is dissolved. 

4. Place the cucumbers in the jars. Place the garlic cloves and dill in between them. Add the cooled down water mixture to the jar until cucumbers are covered and just below the top of the jar. Close the lid tightly so the air cannot reach the cucumbers. Place jars in the refrigerator.

5. Wait from 24 hours to 48 hours or longer to enjoy it!

This is a way you can make quick pickled cucumbers at home to enjoy with your favorite dishes. But, we know you will love our Zarrin pickled cucumbers available in glass jar or tin cans.

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